Eggman Bee Farm

Generations of Happy Bees

For four generations Eggman men and women have tirelessly worked in the bee yards of California to keep their bees happy and healthy.  Here at Eggman Bee Farm, we take family tradition and commitment very seriously. After almost 100 years, we have learned a few things about bees. We know that if we keep bees happy and healthy, they can pollinate and produce honey at their optimum levels. For honey production we work hard to move our bees all around California in order to find the spots that Mother Nature has blessed with the perfect honey making conditions. For pollination services, we make sure (at considerable expense) that our bees have the proper nutrition and safeguards that are required to keep bees healthy in today’s ever threatening environment. So if you’re looking for the best tasting raw honey in California, today is your lucky day because it’s right here! If you’re looking for the hardest working bees to pollinate your crops, look no further because no bees produce larger yields than our girls!

- Michael Eggman

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