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The big question in California each winter since 2004/2005 is whether there will be enough colonies to fulfill the pollination demand of the ever-growing almond industry. We at Eggman Bee Farm work extremely hard to make sure our bees have everything they need (carbohydrate and protein supplements, natural mite treatments, healthy minerals and oils, etc.) throughout the winter to make sure that they are healthy and happy when February rolls around and its time to pollinate almonds. If you have almonds as far north as Yolo county, or as far south as Kern county, we have strong bee colonies for you.

Our Standard Almond Contract guarantees a 7 frame average for $145/hive.

*Frame averages can be increased for an additional charge of $15/frame. I will point out, however, that our bees using go into orchards much stronger than 7 frames and come out of the almonds with so many frames that they need to be divided to keep the queen from swarming. In simple terms, the bee population gets too big for its own house.

We pollinate a wide variety of California crops such as: almonds, plums, prunes, cherries, kiwis, pears, blueberries, alfalfa seed and many more. Please contact for pricing.

Some trivia: In 2012, it took about 1.5 million colonies of bees to pollinate 750,000 bearing acres of almond trees producing nearly 2 billion pounds of nutmeats. Therefore on average, every colony pollinated about 1,333 lbs. of nuts, and at a wholesale price of about $2/lb., each colony’s efforts contributed to a gross return to the grower of $2,666.00! If we divide that value by the approximate number of bees in an 8-frame colony (14,000) that means that each individual bee, on average, pollinated 19¢ worth of nuts. And at a $150 per hive rental rate, each bee rented at 1¢ for a month’s wages. *ScientificBeekeeping.com, ABJ, April 2012.

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